Rules and Regulations

1---All Notices of interment to be
given to the Secretary two clear days
before burial, and for Bricked Graves
three clear days.

2---All Fees and Charges to be paid to the Secretary at the time of giving such notice, and no Fees or Charges will be received at the Burial Ground

3---The Certificate of Death shall be given to the Minister at the time of Burial.

4---The selection of the place for Interment in all cases to be subject to approval of the Committee.

5---All graves shall be opened and closed by the Sextons appointed.

6---All monument. Gravestones, and places
of burial to be kept in good order and
repair at the expense of the owners thereof.

7---The Sexton may eject any person who
shall behave improperly, or infringe the
regulations of the Cemetery Committee

8---The Committee reserve the right from time to time to make any alterations in the foregoing Rules

9---Any disputes as to graves, etc., shall be referred to the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

10---No person shall be allowed to transfer any grave to another family without the permission of the committee.

11---Friends shall provide their own Minister.

12---The Deacons of the church constitute the above committee