Ysgol Rad
supplied by

Margaret Wyn Jones [Nee Parry]

A few names  of the children in the photo supplied by Sylvia James

Top row Left to Right.Gwyneth Owen (now Makin) Dave Davies (camel) Joe Bohana /Norman Davies/ ? ? ? Nora/ Betty Ellis
and the end one could be Doris Ann Rowlands I don't know if you remember her but she used to win in the Eisteddfod for singing

Next row down  ? ? ? Margaret Jones( coconut) Brenda Roberts/Margaret Jones(Kings Head)? ? ? ? ?

Middle row ? ? ? Brenda Parry /Margaret Wyn Parry (Australia)? ? ? ? ?

2nd Row ? Beryl Williams(Smack)? ? Nora Bayley Williams/Carys Williams/ Billy Thomas/ ? Gwyneth Vaughan Jones / Yvonne Parry (my sister)

Front row  are unknown.

Miss Edwards Teacher on the left and Miss Roberts Headmistress on the right. Names supplied by Tom Holland Roberts.