Henllys Village

Before the development, which was planned by Cwmbran Development Corporation, Henllys was a small village with a population of around 250. This has now increased a lot and has changed the character of the village which was once a very close-knit community especially at the top end.  
         The church
St. Peter's and the two chapels, Zoar at the bottom end and Mount Pleasant at the top were well attended and the locals also met in the many functions held at the Village Hall. The men would gather at the local alehouses Dorallt and Castell - y Bwch where, once, there was a good dart team in both of them.
          Dorallt is the corruption of DWR (water) and ALLT (hill). Castell - y Bwch is Welsh for Castle of the Buck
         Henllys in English is 'Old Court'. The name 'Old Court' came about because the Travelling Magistrate use to hold session at the courthouse, which is now called Court Farm, and there he would preside over cases of people being accused of rustling sheep or cattle.
          With the increase in the population we now have another public house which is also a small hotel and it called
Cwrt Henllys. Sadly the old School and two of the chapels have closed down. Zoar and Mount Pleasant.
        A new Village  Hall and One Stop Shop has also been opened.

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Henllys Church

St. Peter's Church. The nave and chancel with the chancel arch and south doorway are 13th century. Of the 15th century are the chancel windows and priest's doorway and the west tower with a plain parapet and tiny embattled NE stair turret. The large south porch is probably 16th century, and the window west of it is perhaps 17th century. The church and the surrounding dwellings were the original Henllys village. The village as we know it now was (as recorded in the old maps) called Dorallt. It was only after the introduction of local industry and the erection of workers cottages -New Row, Old Row, Four Houses and Bellevue Tce that it became known as Henllys.

Drawing by David J Williams (c)

Zoar Chapel

Baptist Chapel erected 1843, seats 200 persons.
Price of burial in 1843

Castell Y Bwch

Landlord in 1930 Benjamin Samuel

Henllys School

[Kelly's directory 1901] Board School built in 1887[Opened 4th November] at a cost of nearly 2.100 for 180 children; average attendance 100. Closed 24th July 1991.

See 'Henllys School' in 'Down Memory Lane'

Drawing by David J Williams (c) Copies available for sale

Dorallt Inn


Cwrt Henllys

Originally a farm called Dorallt Fach. Record shows that Wm Edmunds lived there in 1930


Bellevue Terrace

3 Houses


Four Houses


Old Row


New Row


Mount Pleasant Chapel


Pen Heol y Badd Fach