Tom Richards
The first Welshman to win an individual medal at the Olympics.
Born in Garn Wern Upper Cwmbran 1910.


Supplied by John Bradford ~
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Supplied by Eric Edwards Upper Cwmbran

  I first met Tom Richards in 1962. I think it was in December and there was a thick layer of snow on the ground. I was waiting outside the Railway Inn in Shaftesbury St, Newport - after my late afternoon shift at the Royal Mail - for the bus to Cwmbran when this elderly gentleman carrying a suitcase came up to me and asked if the buses were still running to Cwmbran. We got talking and discovered that we were both going to Henllys. We got off the bus by Oakfield Park and started walking up to Henllys. I had a pair of wellington boots on and as I was trying to keep up with this man my legs were burning with the friction of the boots. We parted by Henllys School and then I took it easy to continue walking home to the Rows.

Next day I was in the village shop and was approached there by Lil Saunders who asked if I had walked from Cwmbran the night before accompanied by her brother Tom who was staying with her at Pensarn Farm. I told her yes and then she told me about his achievement in the Olympics. I told her that my legs were still sore after trying to keep up with him whereas she said that he was trying to keep up with me.

I met him many times since. He came to the sport days held in the Fete organised by the Village Hall committee. Good old days!!