County of Caernarfon Fire Brigade
Brigād Dān Sir Gaernarfon

Supplied by Tom Holland Roberts

Two photo's of the fire engines which were based in Station 10 Bangor (CCFB).

CCC 129 Commer Pump Escape. This carried a 50ft. wheeled escape ladder. It came into the Brigade at the end of 1962
and is the first fire engine I drove.

EJC 870F  AEC/Merryweather 100ft. Turntable Ladder. This came into service in November 1967. I drove this appliance
to Caernarfon in 1968 inorder to put up the decorations outside the Castle for Prince Charles' Investiture.
In 1972 this appliance was used to rescue an unconscious woman who was undergoing an operation when the C & A
Hospital went on fire