Girls in some.

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John Saunders: John Evans, Margaret Evans, John Saunders, Angela Saunders, NK, NK,

John Saunders: Keith Brown [Cwmbran] John Saunders, Robbie Lloyd, Terry Bird. Oil painting of Pen Heol y Badd by David Williams

John Saunders: Jim Jones [Cwmbran] Walter Lloyd, Gwilym Appleby, Gwyn Bosanko [Cwmbran], John Evans, David Williams.

John Saunders: Bob Jude, Maurice Reeks, John Evans, Fred Hardacre, Colin Reeks, Robbie Lloyd, John Saunders, Steve Jude, Brian Morgan, Spencer Samuel. July 1985

John Saunders:                                           Brian Morgan, Robbie Lloyd, John Saunders.