Segontium School.

The Segontium School has now closed down. When I attended from 1944 to 1947 the school was known locally as Higher Grade then with the introduction of Comprehensive Schools the name was changed to Secondary Modern and finally Segontium School..In 1912 when the school was opened it was named Caernarfon Higher Standard School as shown below in an excerpt obtain from the records in Gwynedd Archives.

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Written by T. Meirion Hughes.


MEETING HELD ON 17.10.1912.

a) It was reported that the school was opened on September 9. 1912, but that the contractors had not yet completed their work, thereby causing serious inconvenience in the conduct of the work of the school staff,

b) The County Architect said the contractors had informed him they hoped to complete within 14 days and that it was Resolved to inform them definitely that unless all the work was completed and the premises vacated by them not later than November 9. the committee will after that date enforce the penalties provided for under the terms of the contract.

c) Resolved that unclimbable iron railings be provided to shut off the back part of the premises of the school, and that the plan and estimate of the Cycle Shed be prepared in this case, also by the County Architect.

d) It was Resolved that Mr. A.Acland be invited to attend the formal opening of the school.

e) It was Resolved that the necessary steps be taken to secure a loan not exceeding 650 to cover the cost of furniture provided for the school.

f) It was Resolved that the Assembly Hall of the school be decorated at a cost not exceeding 20 on the lines of the scheme already carried out at Llandudno Higher Standard School.

g) It was Resolved that the acceptance of the tender of Messrs Griffith Jones & Co. of Caernarfon for the supply of furniture for the Housecraft Centre at the school be accepted and is hereby confirmed at 30.2s.8d.

* * * * * * *

The following is an extract from the STAFF COMMITTEE MEETING of November 14. 1912:

a) Appointment of Miss Sarah E. Chapman as Science Mistress at the Caernarfon Higher Standard School ON PROBATION until Midsummer Holidays 1913 at a salary of 110 p.a. the salary to cover Day nd Evening work for a total of 30 hours per week, 4 of which may be Evening School

* * * * * * *

By the early 1920's the school appears to have had a problem with space for its growing number of pupils and use had to be made of the building on South Road commonly referred to as Ysgol Jones Bach, or to give it its proper name Grammar and Collegiate School, which closed down in 1917. One class was housed there and the name of the headmaster of the Caernarfon H.S. School can still be seen on a wooden plaque at the top of the window facing Bron Hendre. It reads Principal Mr. W. Griffiths.


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