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School Log Book

Here are some excerpts from the School Log Book

04.11.1878 First entry. Admitted this morning 55 scholars. Mr Morgan Williams one of the members of Rogerstone and Henllis UD school board was in attendance. ( Note that Henllis was the common spelling in the last century, as you can see from the foundation stone at the front of the school)

12.11.1878 The members [the school's governing body] held their meeting in the classroom this afternoon. In reference to the school fees the members informed the Master that when there were 3 children coming from the same house only 2 were to pay the school fees and when there were 4 or o more only 3 were to be charged for. [School fees were a big problem for may families. The log records that one mother locked herself in the school toilet in protest that she could not afford to pay more than two pence per week for her son owing to her husband's illness. The school fee was abolished in 1891 as shown on the above poster]

24.01.1879 Rather low attendance to day on account of an accident having occurred on the incline, by
which means, several loaded trucks of coal were upset. Children absent engaged in picking
up the coal.

31 01 1879 I was informed this afternoon that Fred Waters and Williams Lewis were playing truant this
morning and that they intend staying away from school this afternoon. I accordingly sent 3
boys after them. Fred Waters then took his knife out of his pocket and threatened to stab
either of the boys who dared to approach him. By the aid of an adult one of the boys succeeded
in taking the knife out of his hand. They afterwards brought him to school. I punished the
both of them for playing truant. [ But not for the knife incident]

17.02.1879 Fred Waters father came to school and informed me that his son had been playing truant last Tuesday and Wednesday and that he has kept him home Thursday and Friday owing to rain. Fred promised not to play truant again. Informed today that Thomas Righton a boy of under 12 years of age was not coming to school again until after summer. His father is keeping him home to dig the garden.

25.10.1879 I have sent several "Absence Inquiry Notes" to David Williams, Ladies Row, requesting him to send his daughter Mary to school but he appears to take no notice of the notes. I sent a note this morning but Mr Williams only laughed at it.

07.10.1965 Parent on strike. Only 11 children attended school because of the withdrawal of the school

31.10.1968 Mr J. E. Humphries Head Master last day at school. Transferred to Brookfield school.

05.02.1969 Concert by the school children for the Old Age Pensioners at the Henllys Village hall
Very successful.

20.02.1969 School closed because of snow.

12.07 1969 Rehearsal at Croes y Ceiliog Grammar School. Elaine Lewis, Mandy Jenkins,
Gareth & Glenda Williams, Megan Higgs, Jane Hussey, Elizabeth Davies. A combined
Cwmbran Primary Schools production of 'The Selfish Giant'. Story by Oscar Wilde set
to music by Merfyn Brintch.

01.07.1969 Investiture of Prince of Wales. Book called 'There's Rosemary' Poem by Jane Hussey was
included in the book.

15.09.1969 P.T.A. was formed. Chairman Mr David Williams, Secretary Mrs Brenda Samuel,
Treasurer Mr J.L. Collier Head Master. 47 children in the school.

11.12.1969 Red Letter day in the History of the school. The Central Heating system was switched on.

18.12.1969 First Annual Carol Service held at the Village Hall. Mrs Lewis Gelli Farm played the piano.
5.0s 3d was given to the Hall's Fund.

14.01.1970 P.T.A. Speaker Chief Inspector Hood Risca. Talk on Police Work.

02.03.1970 Eisteddfod was organised. The children gaining most points in the Eisteddfod were:-
Lorraine Harris-Mandy Jenkins -Glenda Williams.

13.05.1970 Presentation to Mrs Angela Saunders on leaving the school. A Wedgwood Bowl presented
by David Williams.

01.06.1970 School trip to Blankenberge.

09.09.1970 A visit to Newport Post Office. Arranged by David Williams.

14.11.1970 Mrs Tamplin retires. Post taken over by Mrs G Bibby

13.01.1971 P.T.A. 1st Annual Dinner. Held at Maes y Rhiw.Very successful.

20.11.1973. Chairmobile handed to Bronwen Jones. Money raised by Henllys Village residents.

02.09.1974 51 Children attending the school.

20.02.1976 Two horses strayed into the school grounds. David Baulch was bitten by one of them and he
was taken home.

09.06.1976 P.T.A. Chairman Mr David Williams, Secretary Mrs Beck, Treasurer Mr Gwyn Coles

16.07.1976 Mr Collier Headmaster last day at school.

01.09 1976 Mr Gwyn Coles Head Master first day. 45 children attending school.

04.09.1978 Mr Davies Head Master first day.

29.09.1978 Began swimming lessons at Fairwater Comp School.

04.09.1979 Mr John HMI visited the school. We were today informed that the school project "Henllys 79" had achieved success in a nation-wide competition sponsored by the Daily Mirror and the Heritage education Group. Six pupils and a teacher have been invited, expenses paid, to the Cafe Royal in London to receive the prize.

19.05.1984 Jamie Baulch 4th year pupil brought honour to the school by winning the Gwent AAA county championship at 100m and 200m the "Colt" classification.

14.06. 1984 At the Cwmbran Stadium Mini- Olympics Jamie Baulch took first place in the 100m for the 4th boys and Rebecca Chapman was 3rd in the 80m for the 1st year girls.

20.05.1988 We went to Pontnewydd Primary and beat them handsomely in the County Cricket KO tournament. Pontnewydd 186 Henllys291.

30.06.1988 George Rose Harry and Thomas Roberts were selected again for the County cricket team.

24.07.1991 Last Entry. This is the last day of Henllys J&I school. My family of pupils is not in school today. The noises are adult voices, footsteps and the clatter of packing as willing helpers set about the task of preparing for the removal men. I now make my way to County Hall to deposit this and other records. Henllys School has played its part in history. In my retirement I will follow the development of Henllys Village and education both in the County and the Country. [Written by Eric Atkins Head Master]

Little extra personal.

July 20th 1971 Fairwatwer Comp. John Wyatt, Andrea Lloyd, Malcolm White, Lorraine Harris, Gareth Williams, Elizabeth Roderick.

March 3rd 1970.The children gaining most point in the Eisteddfod. Lorraine Harris, Mandy Jenkins, Glenda williams. The children received prizes for their effort.

March 18 1970 11 Plus result Glenda Williams Passed.

July 7th 1970 School closed down this afternoon for summer holiday.the following children are leaving.

Glenda Williams Croesy Ceiliog

Crime and Punishment

[ Reproduced by kind permission of Henllys Herald ]

The Archives department in County Hall contains some interesting information about life in old Henllys.
The following extracts are taken from the old school punishment book 1905 - 1934.

The standard punishment for misdemeanours throughout this period was "two cuts" on the hands, sometimes more for serious offences.
Roderick Roderick began his life of crime in March 1906 by 'wilfully writing badly' - two cuts. He earned another two a month later for ringing the bell during playtime. No trouble for two months, then two more cuts for leaving the schoolyard without permission. A few days later he was in trouble again, fighting in the yard with Myrrddyn Jones. Apart from lapses for inattention and 'intentionally late for school' he kept a clean sheet until 22 October 1908, when he kicked another boy. This must have been serious, as he received 'six cuts across the shoulders with a switch.

In 1905 Philip and Charles, the Baynham boys, got two cuts apiece for stealing bananas from Wm Read's dinner box. It was almost ten years later that food was again the motivation. Winny Morton and Reginald Harris got two cuts each - equal treatment for girls - for cracking nuts in class after a warning. In 1916 Helmer Carison threw a piece of bread and hit the teacher in the face - two cuts. Now a hardened criminal, only a few days later he stole 2/6d to buy chocolates and lemonade, and lied about it when questioned. Four cuts this time.

It was fairly normal for school attendance to be down when the whole village seemed to disappear, collecting whinberries on the mountaintop. But the Head would not condone a mass breakout on 11th May 1908 when 7 boys were late 'watching the artillery at Castell y Bwch'. Two cuts each.

In 1910 Ivor Lloyd got 4 cuts for 'wilfully squirting ink in Maggie Hill's face'. What a beast!

The last entry in the book is 17th October 1934. Fred Weaver, Brinly Carpenter, Willie Lloyd and Stanley Samuel were guilty of ' throwing clods at two women teachers on their way home'. Their fate is not recorded, but I can make a guess.










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