Here goes. I will try and give as many names as I can. If you know of any more please let me know

Left Side:-.Brian Orritt's brother. The next boy lived next door to him and his mother is behind him. The next three are evacuees and then I'm the tall one next to me is John Griffiths South Penrallt, Richie Jones. Leaning on my shoulder is Mrs Orritt. Next to her is Mrs Robinson. At the back between the two girls with his cap on is my father David William.
Right Side:- First lady with her daughter lived opposite my mother in Chapel St .Her husband was a projectionist in one of the cinemas. Next to her are Richie's mam and his brother Jac and sister Betty. In front of the Mayor's wife with dark hair is Arfon Thomas and the party was in front of his house. Next to him is my brother Joe. Brian Oriitt, John Miserotti and his brother Dorino?.Do you remember the Milk Bar. Next my sisters Veronica & Dilys sitting on my sister Nellie's knee. Next to one to her is Olwen. The Mayor H.R.Phillips is there and extremely to the right is my mother.
Now come on let have some more names