The Oval

Home of Caernarfon Football Club

Photograph of the supporters.
taken by
Oswald Jones, Bryn Myfyn, Segontium Rd South
Sent in by Myrthyn

Published by Cymro Weekly Newspaper in November 25 1949

The young lady on the right top row is Gwyneth Jones Soprano who sang with the BBC.See the poster of Arvonia Male Voice Party HERE

Sent in by T.Meirion Hughes.
The man in a hat and glasses in the middle of the front row. He was a shop assistant for Williams Jones the Watchmakers in Bangor Street for many years and retired in 1948, aged 65 (according to his daughter Margaret Myfanwy, who was in the same class as me in the County School). He was very lame, I remember, and am almost positive this was as a result of a war wound in the 1914-18 War.

I spoke with Margaret and she told me that the date of the photo is 1948 at least. Her father died, aged 70 in 1953, and in his autumn years his wife used to give him a treat by paying for a taxi for him to go to the home games. She could not be more precise, but looking at one or two faces there, I remember them in the forces during the war, the second from the right in hat and glasses was Roy Gardner who lived in Shirehall St. and would have been demobbed around 1946. The airman also, although I can not remember his name was in the RAF at the same time as I was i.e.
1946 - 1949.