Old photographs of Caernarfon
[Supplied by Norman Phillips]
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" In Memory of Misses VA, KE, and J Roberts of Cae Mur"

Miss VA Roberts 2nd Row 3rd from right.Mr Griffith left 4th row

Miss KE Roberts front row 3rd from right. Dick Parry back row 2nd from right

Sitting centre Norman's Taid.  RSM .Griffith  Roberts Royal Welch Fusiliers.

The story is that in circa 1920 St Marys Church in Caernarfon held a religious play at Easter, of which the highlight was apparently, that the shroud was held up for the congregation to see, with the face of Christ on it. My Aunts were part of the play, and with a bit of help from their brother Griff they got Moss Williams to do two faces of Christ in pastel on mens handkerchiefs ( Two, in case one got smudged)
However, the first one survived all performances, and resides at present
under glass, albeit very, very, faintly in St Marys
Recounting this to my Aunt before she died (about the state of the one in St Marys), she said to me "If you really like the one in the church, there's a similar one in the draw!"
 The photo doesn't really do it justice ---Its one of his masterpieces, and I feel very privileged to have it----

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David J Williams (c)