Supplied by Myra Williams.

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My father on the steps of Bangor University when the Duke of Edinburgh was install as
Chancellor of the University of Wales and bestowed a degree of Doctor of Music on the Princess Elizabeth in April 1949

My father on guard during King George VI visit.
Peter Barber sitting on the railing looking at the camera.
Dafydd note. Coincidence but I'm in this photograph as well.Click


My father Head of C.I.D. With Churchill at Llandudno


March 1952. My father, as head of C.I.D., carrying samples of earth from the school house Talsarnau, where Alicia Millicent Roberts was accused of poisoning her second husband with arsenic. She was acquitted. Her first husband was exhumed and also found to contain traces of arsenic in his corpse.


Lloyd George's funeral. My father was on duty there,

but  I do not know if the pictures were taken by him

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