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David Owen Williams

Hi David,

I recently wrote to your from Western Australia promising a story about Caernarfon and my father, John Williams aka John Het. Here's one story which I was telling friends and family on the way to lunch the other day, it goes something like this....
Early 1980's.
My father was dead against pleasure flights from Dinas Dinlla and was telling everyone within earshot that a plane would surely crash into Caernarfon Castle. His ranting gave my brother Phil an idea and in his fertile mind an idea germinated which culminated into a cunning plan. In those days we frequented the Albert Inn and we were great friends with Gwyn and Nia Owen who were running the pub in those days. One of our 'conspirators' set fire to a car tyre behind Castell Bach, before long there was lovely thick smoke pouring forth and one could easily imagine the smell of aviation fuel.....John Het was about to enjoy his first taste of Bitter of the day when my brother ran in saying a plane had just crashed into Castell Bach. From the front of the Albert you can see the little castle and you should have seen my fathers face when he saw the black smoke, "I told you this would happen!" he shouted, the cigarette nearly falling from his mouth and off he went as fast as a free whisky to report the crash to the authorities, and anyone else he could find. A pre-arranged signal ensured that the tyre was extinguished, and as quickly as it had appeared the smoke dissipated.

My father was given a caution by the police for wasting their time and was told by the Caernarfon and Denbigh to stop spreading rumour and making up fantastic stories.

For years afterwards he was telling visitors of the mysterious plane crash and of the noise he heard when it crashed!

More stories another time.

Hi Dafydd,

This is a picture of one of the many street parties held during Prince Charles' Investiture in 1969. As I recall every school boy and girl was presented with a commemorative cup, which you can see many of the children are holding.

I am embarrassed to say I know the name of only two people in the picture, the boy immediately in front of the pole, me! and the boy one third of the way from the left, second row, wearing a funny hat and serious expression, my very good friend Elfed Jones. Elfed used to work in the Eryri Hospital as an orderly. I hope to catch up with Elfed during my holiday to Caernarfon in September.

Who are, what did they achieve in their lives, and the old chestnut, where are they now ?.

And before anyone asks, no I don't know the name of the dog in the foreground!

Dafydd: Can you name the street that this party was held at ?

Hi Dafydd,

You asked for a picture of my father John Williams, aka John Het. Here he is in his charity collecting clothes. He raised thousands of pounds over the years for local charities during the pram races and the Strait Swim and the like.

Date on the hat 25.07.1980
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