July Story


I used to live in Caernarfon before I got married in 1963.I have had a look at Memory Lane and am tickled pink to see that my family are included in the nicknames.....Derek Fawr would no doubt be delighted. The reason he was called Derek Fawr was very simple really, as my brother was also Derek so to distinguish between them they were Derek Fawr and Derek Bach. I would love to hear from any old friends (old being the operative word these days!!!!!!!!!) Valerie cochan, merch Derek Fawr a Mary Ann Williams, ex Ffordd Cibyn and born at 80 Maes Barcaer, next door to Mary "Hwsh" on the one side and the Lewis's on the other, I'm still in touch with Elizabeth Lewis (now Sinclair) and more recently Glyn Pritchard, (Wil Fawr/Wil Welsh Guards). Elena Roberts (Hengert, now Jones) and Sylvia James(smacks, ex Parry)This world is getting smaller by the day!!!!!!!

Hope to hear from you soon

Dafydd's Note: - I e-mailed Val for more information and below is her reply
She would love to hear from her old friends so get in touch!

Just to confirm that I am Derek Fawr's daughter, I now live 30 miles from Cape Town, South Africa; been here since 1969.... So now you have a contact on the African continent! I started school at the old Ysgol Rhad in town, I was in the front row of pupils when we were marched up to
Maesincla School when it first opened, I remember Mr. Jones the head master with great fondness, as well as other great teachers ...Miss Thomas' Park' (her parents were caretakers of the Park and lived in the little house by the park gates) Mr. Hughes standard 5 and Mr.Jones standard 4,who could be seen at numerous cafes in town when not on duty at the school, also Miss Jones Music, who lived in Penrhos very close to my grandparents ,who consequently got to know about any of my misdeeds in very quick time!!! I passed the 11plus in 1956,and went C'von Grammar in Bethel Road; only 6 of us passed from Maesincla that year, Dennis Hughes, Francis Hughes (?) Richard Oliver, David Arthur Jones (Pontrug) Janet Pritchard and a very freckled little old me!!! I met my husband in Anglesey in 1961; he was doing his national service at Ty Croes. (His was the last intake for national service), we got married in 1963. He is from Liverpool and we lived there for a few months until our house in Chester was finished .We stayed in Chester until we emigrated to South Africa in 1969 with our 2 little girls Nicola and Nia Sian. We settled in a lovely spot between the mountains and the sea, right on the "Wine Route"!!!!!!! Our son Richard was born here in 1973 .We are now both retired and have 4 grandchildren (and one on the way). That in a nutshell is it .My sister Pamela lives in Bangor and my brother is in the St.Asaph area. June Robbins (nee Jones from Caeathro) used to be my best friend in high school and I recently found her again on the Friends Reunited web site, she now lives in Canada. The guys that I keep looking for are the Edwards Boys, Brian and Gwyn (Twins) and their brother Bruce who I was friends with also in high school, anyone know where they are?? I also had family in Cae Garreg, my dad's aunt Rhoda Adlam lived there for as long as I can remember. Another couple of nicknames for your collection....Nancy Ty Pen (she lived in the last house in Maes Barcaer).,Ginny Dew (for obvious reasons) and dear old Dick Simple!! Who could ever forget him .That seems to be all for now ,hope to hear from you all soon, with fondest memories.

Val "Merch " Derek Fawr