David J Williams

How do you write about a Village Hall? It can only be of interest to the people who have been involved in the running of it or the people who have, over the years, attended various functions there. However, many have asked me when was the Hall built and how did we get the money to do it.

So here goes.

It all started in 1966 when Gwen Roderick, who lived at 1 Old Row, came over to my house and asked if I would join her, and a few more locals, to discuss the possibility of organising a Fete or other events that would involve the Village people.

Our first meeting was held in Mrs Shaw's house at 4 Old Row and in attendance were: -

Mrs Betty Higgs 4 Four Houses. [Emigrated to Australia] Deceased March 2003

Fred Banfield 2 Old Row [ Deceased May 1991 ]

Mrs Rose Lloyd The Kennels [ Deceased 2013 ]

Gwen Roderick 1 Old Row [ Deceased February 1970 ]

Mrs Lil Saunders Pensarn Farm [ Deceased November 1996 ]

Arthur Samuel Penybryn [ Deceased December1968 ]

Mrs Gwyneth Bibby 11 Park Close

Mrs Shaw [ Deceased April 1980 ]


The first entry in the small Minute Book written inside the cover by, I believe, Mrs Lloyd was as follows.

"Mrs Morton Whist Drive. We also need Whist Cards. Play cards

A meeting next Friday at Mrs Shaw 7.30 to discuss for Social Evenings.

I bought 4 felt pens Red Green Yellow Black 1s 3d each which came to 5/-. Balloons for social evenings.

Mr Banfield resign from being Chairman."


The following entries, until the completion of the small book, were written by me.

"Meeting held at Mrs Shaw at 7.0pm 5.10.1966

Present. Mrs B Higgs, Mr Banfield, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs G Roderick, Mr A Samuel,

Mrs L Saunders, Mrs Shaw, and Mr D J Williams.

Election of Officers.

Secretary. Mr D J Williams

Treasurer. Mrs R Lloyd

Chairman. Mr A Samuel.

Mr Samuel stated that the Hall had been acquired by the Trustees: - (Mr FW Richards, Chairman of the Parish Council, Mr David Jones Retired Headmaster of Henllys School, Mr Hedley Burton Landord of Castell y Bwch Inn and Mr Arthur Samuel), and that they will be calling a meeting of all parish people to elect a governing committee and a working committee.

Mrs Shaw proposed Mr Samuel as Chairman. Second by Mr Banfield

Mrs Roderick as Vice Chairman. Proposed by Mrs Saunders. Second by Mrs Higgs.

Mr D J Williams as Secretary. Proposed by Mr Banfield. Second by Mrs Saunders.

Mrs Lloyd as Treasurer. Proposed by Mr D J Williams. Second by Mrs Shaw.

It was decided that our funds would be deposited in to the Midland Bank. This was proposed by Mrs Lloyd and Second by Mr Williams.

" Meeting held at Mrs Shaw

at 7.30pm 30.10.1966.

Present Mrs Bibby

Mrs Roderick

Mrs Lloyd

Mr Banfield

Mr D J Williams

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Saunders.

Donation to be given to the aid of Henllys Hall.

Proposed by Mrs Lloyd and Second by Mr Banfield. Voted for 20.00 agreed.

Proposed by Mrs Lloyd that it is brought up in the Village Hall meeting that the village children will have the use of the Hall free for future events.

Mrs Bibby proposed we arrange a trip to a Pantomime at Cardiff or Bristol in March.

Second by Mr Banfield. Ages 5 to 15

Mr Williams instructed to write and find out if there were any seat available and a form to be issued to every child in the village to see if they are interested.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.


Next entry:- Meeting held at Mrs Shaw

at 7.30pm 2 Jan 1967

Present Mr F Banfield

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Higgs

Mrs Roderick

Mr Samuel

Mrs Bibby

Mr D J Willaims.

Proposed that children under the age of 5 to be taken to the Pantomime.

Mr Banfield proposed to buy an amplifier, record player and speaker.

Second by Mrs Higgs.

All voted. If this project fails that the equipment is not handed to the school.

The Tote heading changed from Children Funds to Henllys Village Hall and Welfare Funds.

Proposed by Mr Banfield. Second by Mrs Higgs.

46 to be spent on Pantomime.

Proposed that the Tote go to the new funds on 9.01.1967.

Proposed by Mr Banfield.Second by Mrs Saunders.

66. drawn from the bank. 46. for the pantomime and 20. for the record player.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm.

This was the last entry in this book.

Little did I realised when writing these minutes that 36 years hence the Village Hall would still be in operation and that it would be the Village itself that would disappear with the development of the new houses.

The Pantomime trip was a success. With the money collected we managed to give every child a packet of sweet to take with them.

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