Salmon Fishermen

I will start this page with one photograph that was taken by my uncle in the year that I was born and hope that you will send to me stories and photographs of Caernarfon salmon fishermen of yesteryear.

L to R John Lovell - Richard Roberts -Richard Thomas Davies - NK John Lovell Jnr-Dick Pen Melyn NK

In June 1933, John Lovell, a fisherman from Mountain Street, Caernarfon, and his crew of three, caught a record catch of salmon in the Menai Straits. They were fishing with a net in the early morning in the vicinity of the public baths when they had a haul of 41 salmon, weighing about 700 pounds. Owing to the low water in the river Seiont, salmon had been plentiful in the Menai Straits and John Lovell and his crew had already had a total catch of over 100 salmon, weighing nearly 1,500 pounds, during that season.
It is thought that the previous record catch was made over forty years previously, when a boat known locally as 'Cwch Salvation' had a haul of between 500-600 pounds.