My name is Elizabeth Dilys Crack (nee Thorman) from Caernarfon Gwynedd, I went to Twthill school infants and girls, then moved to Segontium School (which is no longer there. ) I still have family in Caernarfon and periodically visit them from time to time. At each visit these days, I remember a lot of happy childhood days, playing care free in various locations. One of those up Ben Twthill- to its sides and to its back, picking bluebells and just enjoying being a child and the wildlife there, Lala Las - beach combing and walking amongst the amount of seaweed and big stones there. There was the other element too of learning to swim in the outside swimming pool during the summer holidays (with the free swim ticket from the town council). But i seemed scared of learning there and just enjoyed the time to socialise with others from the town, I believe I learnt in Dinas Dinlle after learning the rudiments and structure of the moves and then I could not wait to go swimming, when ever my father could take us all (5) He used to work for the post office since he was 16 and then he went to do his national service ( his name being ERIC THORMAN who Married BETTY PARRY from Snowdon Street )Dad is the eldest one of 7 children of Thomas Herbert Thorman -printer of Caernarfon, and Mam is the eldest of 5 children to Dafydd Marne Parry - painter and decorator. 


So life then was very care free and I was out most days in the school holidays from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening, mind you I did have places to go so I was lucky that I had family and friends that I could go and visit and get up to mischief with as I did many a time. My family lived first in Twthill (Thomas Street) and then we moved to Maes Gwynedd and my elders are still in that area I attended the Methodist Church and was part of the poetry group and attended all churches competitions. I used to go (with others) to various places to rehearse, but the place I remember the most was Mr Albert Jones ( Chimney Sweep ) its a house on the corner ( the street name has eluded me ) and it had a lovely oak turned stair way, We were always made welcome by Mrs Jones with cake and juice.  They had two children (boy and Girl ) and I was friends with the girl, but at the present time I cannot remember. Their cousin was Elizabeth Rothwell who was a good friend from girls school and then she went to the convent school in Bangor and after that I only saw her at Sunday school ( which I attended until I was at least in my 16th year, then the teenage hormones set in  and boys became fashionable ) I worked only in two places while living in Caernarfon and that was the factory in Llanberis ( later called Glynwed ) and  Bangor Hospital St Davidís, which I loved and placed my name down to do nursing, But in 1972, the boy I  met in 1969, asked me to marry him and then, my next journey started and I did not do my nursing, I was married in Kent 1973 and my whole family from Wales came down. My first child was born in 1976 and two more 1984 and 1986.


The times and people from Caernarfon are a little blurred to me but my memories and places remain in the back of my mind, When I have time I try to remember people and try to find their names; So while I was at Segontium School, these are the names I can recall: This is class 5C - Eric Williams was the teacher (last 2 yrs)  we all called him Peg Leg ! (Now as an adult I find it wrong to discriminate at people who have a disability)  In this class : June Thornley, Gareth Thomas - played football, Rose Williams- from Rhostryfan, Gertrude Keys, Rosalyn Roberts, Dilys Owen, Janet Williams -from Waunfawr and now lives in Saudi Arabia.  Sylvia Peters - family all moved to Canada. Moretta --------- .   These are all I can recall so far. 


During the eighties while we were waiting for our house to be built in Shawbirch Telford.  I went to live for a period of 12 weeks with my parents and my eldest had to go to Segontium School. I was invited in to meet the head teacher and at the end of the interview to accept my son into the school, I then said without thinking:  that I wanted my son to experience a better journey in the school than I did in the 70s and he asked me my former name and when I said Thorman, and how I was scared of one teacher in particular he asked who and (that was a mistake) I said a teacher called COMMANDO -  because he had a strong voice and bellowed at us all, He, the head teacher stood up and shook my hand and leaned in and said --- that was me!  I fell down back into the chair and of course, it frightened my son, but we all laughed it off. My son is now in his early thirties and every now and again, it creeps into a conversation. 


Thank You

Elizabeth Dilys Crack ( THORMAN )

c/o 2 FFordd Marchlyn

Caernarfon Gwynedd LL5 1DP