Crosville Bus Company
Supplied by Sylvia James

Was this the dart team?
Do you know the date?

Front row (l-r)
N/K-Gwilym Jones Church St-Will Hughes  Saron-Will Roberts  Pentrefelin- Richard Jones - Dick Sally -Charlie Herbert-
-Jew Bach Trevor - N/K-Hugh Roberts Pay the man family -N/K
Back row (l-r)
Will * Rowland Jones[Dafydd: My uncle] * Robin Tom Roberts * N/K * Fred Thompson [Dafydd: My old boss] *N/K *
George Lambert * Ben Griffith *N/K * N/K * Emrys Evans (Glyn Esso brother) * Will Roberts  Will Coop * Glyn Evans  Esso * N/K  * John Sam Roberts * Mr Aubrey  E B Jones