Cowboys in Town


Raymond Pritchard

My first story concerns the statue of Lloyd George situated in the square. When I was about 8 or 9 -1950/1, the whole town was buzzing because someone had damaged the statue of the great Welsh statesman. Some wag had used whitewash to walk the statue off its plinth and around the corner down towards the quay and into the Gents toilet, then back again. The shoeprints were visible for weeks after the event. My father told me that it was most probably an ex-serviceman having a laugh. As far as I know nobody was ever caught for the causing the damage and nobody came forward to claim the fame.
[Dafydd: - Come on Cofis own up. Who did it?]

My second tale concerns the film Davy CROCKET. The town had its very own wild frontiersman, I can't remember his name but he used to be the commissionaire at the Majestic cinema. For weeks before the film arrived in the town he could be seen riding around different areas of the town and its outskirts on horseback and wearing a coonskin Davey Crocket hat, buckskin jacket/trouser and moccasins. Except for the beer belly he really looked the part. The kids used to follow him everywhere. However, resultant from this was a spate of complaints from cat owners that their moggies were disappearing, you've guessed it! The cofis had found a way of making a killing by selling Davey Crocket hats
[Dafydd:- I have just been informed that the commissionaire at the Majestic cinema then was Jack Childes a great friend of my family.]
[Dafydd:- I have now been informed that Davy Crocket was Johnny Jones locally known as Johnny White Horse.

My last recollection is a personal one. It really happened to me. Hopalong CASSIDY our favourite cowboy came to town. Well he came to open BUTLINS in Pwllheli really, but he drove in a great big American open top cadillac from the railway station through the town and up Stryd Llyn. I was stood at the top of Snowdon Street just opposite the Eagles Hotel, as Hoppy came up the hill he suddenly stood up in the back of the car and through something in my direction. I looked down at my feet and there I saw four large silver coins, about the size of the old two-shilling piece. I thought I was rich. I collected the coins and ran all the way to my Nains in Snowden Street. My dad was there to bring me down to earth, he pointed out that the coins were medallions with the picture of Hoppy on one side and his horse on the other. I kept the coins for years but alas I can't find them today. But I bet somebody in the town will have one!.
[Lets us know if you have one]