The Cenotaph 1919
Supplied by
Norman Phillips

" In Memory of Misses VA, KE, and J Roberts of Cae Mur"

This Cenotaph was put here in 1919 for a special march-past which was held in September 1919 and over 4000 ex-servicemen and others marched past. They had a special tea laid on for them in the Pavilion, and the man that should have taken the salute at the March-past was the M.P. and then Prime Minister, Lloyd George. Unfortunately due to the pressure of work he was not able to attend and the salute was taken by a General Deverill. The Celtic Cross as seen in the photo was a temporary arrangement and following that March-past, a Committee was formed as a result of which the Cenotaph on the Square was erected and unveiled on Nov.12. 1922, by the then Mayor Councillor A.H. Richards, (father of Gordon Richards, Slate Entrepreneur) again in the absence of Lloyd George. who on this occasion was suffering from the Flu epidemic which claimed so many lives in 1918/19.             
Information supplied by T Meirion Hughes