I have found Arthur.

He was my colleague at Caernarfon Post Office. We were both Telegram Boys together and I was also his best man at his wedding.

I left Caernarfon in November 1957 and moved to Newport South Wales. Arthur also moved, in 1962, to Australia and we have not been in touch since. That 44 years ago.

In March 2001 I started this site 'Down Memory Lane' for Caernarfononline and included a photograph of Arthur and myself in the first page and asked if anyone knew his address and within a few days I received an e-mail from Australia. It was from Arthurís niece Janice and she also included some photographs.

Arthur and I have exchanged E-Mails but I will have to try and get him to write about his life since he has been in Australia and with his permission include it in ĎDown Memory Laneí.

Arthurís photo on the left and mine on the right