January Stories

From Gareth Edwards Editor Caernarfononline.

Having set up CaernarfonOnline last year, never did I realise the power of the Internet. It has during this time re-unite many people, Dafydd himself included.

But little did I realise that it would re-unite me with and old friend I lost touch with ten years ago.

Stephen Rankin Owen of Maes Gwynedd Caernarfon was a school friend of mine since infants. Our photo can be seen on CaernarfonOnline (Twthill Photos). We are the two miserable gits in the front. We were miserable in that photo because we were made to sit on a dirty mat and did not want to. Two very determined souls.

We grew up together and entered Ysgol Hogiau, Segontium and Sir Hugh Owen Schools.

Steve was always interested in the military and set his sites on joining up the RAF. He started training as a chef in Llandrillo and worked in one or two restaurants in the area. As soon as he was old enough, he joined the RAF and I was sorry to see him go.

We kept in touch through mail and phone, during the Falklands war I remember (foolishly) sending him a couple of cans of beer through the post (just to cheer him up) little did I guess OR THINK that they would be on alert for any suspicious packages, and he was brought before his superiors for having an idiot as a friend???

A little after the war he was sent to the Falklands for six months, he used to write about how cold it was and how many sheep there were.

Nevertheless he saw the funny side of the 'cans' fiasco and still invited me to be his best man down in London.

Being a best man is hard at the best of times, but having to stand up in front of all these military men and speak with my deep North Wallian accent made things worse. I performed my duties well that day and look back on it with a smile.

The marriage unfortunately didn't last and Steve has since re-married.

After the split Steve and myself lost touch and I have to admit, I missed his mad-cap ways. He used to come to my mum's house in Cae Mur on every leave and we used to knock back a few cans talking about our wild past.

This week Steve phoned me out of the blue. He had been told that his photo was on the web, by a family member and thought it had to be me that set it up. We talked for ages and reminisce the old times and what we had got up to since we last talked.

He was surprised that I now had a son and seemed very pleased to hear the news.

I look forward to seeing him once again this year, and going over old times once more.

Many others have found old friends on CaernarfonOnline. Dafydd found a friend that had emigrated to Australia, and June who now lives in Canada got back in touch with and old friend in Caernarfon, another got in touch with Roger (Beachcomber.)

If you have someone you would like to get in touch with again, or have a story to tell. Write to Dafydd, you never know Memory lane might be able to help you.

Gareth Caernarfon Online

P.S. Do you know Steve? Or anyone else from the old school photos? Write in and let us know.