Back Row: - Bill Hill, Bill Jones, Gordon Lloyd, Fred Higgs, Fred Richards, Wilf Higgs, Phillip Blackledge, Arthur Blackledge, Fred Roberts, Laurie Lloyd,
Idris Higgs, Joe Jones.
Front Row: - Ron Carpenter, Percy Roderick, Vic Russell, Roger Chapman, Doug Wellings, Frank Lewis, Albert Brimble, Aubury Smith, Lea Samuel, Ira Higgs, Edgar Reeks, Doug Davies, Price Williams, Rowland Barton.

A village of less than 400 inhabitants, which in two and a half years collected 530 for its Welcome Home Fund, held a tea and presentation.
Henllys, the village with this outstanding record of achievement, gave 17 to each of its 29 returned servicemen at the Unionist Hall Henllys.
Thirty young people left the village for the forces and thirty returned.
Welcoming the ex-servicepeople, only 25 who were able to be present, Mr Roger Chapman, Chairman of the Committee, who presented the cheques, said Henllys appreciated the service rendered by theses young people. Those who stayed at home while the youngsters fought for their country had not been idle. Their welcome home efforts had met with unusual success. He paid tribute to the committee who had worked with him.
Mr Daniel Jones (Schoolmaster) who proposed a vote of thanks to the committee and helpers said he did not know of any other place in Monmouthshire, which had raised so much in proportion to the population.
Mr Ronald Carpenter, who seconded the vote of thanks, said it was a happy day for Henllys.


Mr Fred Roberts said thanks were due to the Chairman Mr Roger Chapman, whose enthusiasm and energy had been largely responsible for the success of the fund. Mr F.W. Richards said it gladdened his heart to see the Service folk back among them. Henllys now felt peace had returned.
The Committee were: Messrs. Roger Chapman 9Chairman), Fred Roberts (Treasurer), Laurie Lloyd (Secretary), W.I. Higgs, F.W. Richards, C.J.Petheram and K. Marsh. Ladies Committee: Mesdames C.Sly, G. Barton, E. Higgs, G. Shaw, R. Barton and W. Jones.
Sixty children of the village were entertained to tea and games. This was followed by a tea for the returned Service people and a concert in which Mrs A. Booth (Soprano), Mr Trevor Williams (Tenor) and Mel Jones (Baritone) took part. Mrs Muriel Farmer was pianist at the concert and a subsequent dance.

Extract from the South Wales Argus. 20th April 1946. Supplied by John Evans, Park Close.

Thanks also to the following: Mike & Sian Reeks for the photograph.
David Roderick, Maurice Reeks, Anne Davies, Betty Polly, John Saunders and Doug Wellings for supplying the names of the people in the photograph.